National Transport Museum is located in Ruse, on the Danube River, and is the only of its kind in the country. It situated in the building of the first railway station in the country, built in 1866, designed by brothers Barkley.
The exhibition is in two parts in the station building and outdoor – several steam locomotives, various models wagons here keep personal coach of King Ferdinand I, wagon, which the Turkish sultan undertaken any tours and many interesting exhibits.
The museum is categorized as a national museum of rail transport and communications of June 26, 1966 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of railway transport in Bulgaria. The museum building was declared a historical monument. Exhibits from museums participating in the movies:
“Captain Petko Voevoda”
“Notes on Bulgarian Uprisings”
Russian-Bulgarian production “Turkish Gambit”
7002 Ruse
5 “Bratya Obretenovi” Str.