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До̀ходно зда̀ние

4 Svoboda

Over 110 years history, arts and culture in the heart of Ruse…
The profit – yelding building is a valuable architectural monument, designed by the Viennese architect Peter Paul Brang. It was built in the period 1898-1902, the central part of Ruse. The name derives from the idea of building wearing the then school board income from rents provided shops, a theater, a library and a casino.

Regional library "Lyuben Karavelov"

1 Dondukov-Korsakov str.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry was built in 1911 by Architect Nikola Lazarov. Today the building is a home of Lyuben Karavelov Regional Library.

Regional historical museum

3 Aleksandur Batemberg

Battenberg Palace was built in 1879-1882 under the project of the Viennese architect Friedrich Grünanger. According to the plan it should have been a palace of Knyaz Battenberg but it never happened. Today the building hosts a Historical museum. It stores around 140,000 fund units. Some of its exhibits are: prehistoric ceramics and idol plastic arts, treasures, finds from Danubian castles Yatrus and Sexsaginta Prista and from the medieval town of Cherven, medieval frescos, old urban clothing, porcelain, glass and silver, coins, bones from prehistoric mammals among which is the unique lower jaw of Mamutus Romanus – the only one in the world, etc.

The building of the old music school

35 Borisova str.

The building of the Old music school was constructed in 1900-1901 for the needs of a protestant school, a boarding school, a kindergarten and an orphanage. The architect’s name is Udo Ribau. In 2007 the Bobokov Brothers Foundation won the building at an auction. The building is expected to become a museum of modern and ancient art with planned art galleries and cafes, including a restored musical saloon with splendid acoustic properties.

Canetti's House

12 Slavyanska str.

Canetti’s House, connected with the life of Ruse-born Elias Canetti – a Nobel prize winner in literature. In the beginning of 20th century his grandfather’s shop was located in the house, also described in his book “The Tongue Set Free”.