Museum “Baba Tonka” is a key to understanding exposure and presentation of the Bulgarian National Revival and the role of Rousse in the process of national maturation. Its realization presents the contribution of Obretenovs and Baba Tonka in the tasks of the Renaissance – a movement for an independent church, education and revolutionary struggle. In its original form it was opened on the initiative of the Regional Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party in Rousse on June 2, 1958 in honor of the VII Congress of the Communist Party in the house of Nicolas Obretenov. The building was built in the period 1907-1908, while in the 30s, the twentieth century it Obretenov welcomes many guests from the city and the country, which is a prerequisite for turning his home into a house museum later. In the late 80s, the twentieth century leading problems around the museum are deformations of the land and building after the earthquake of 1977 and the need for its constructive strengthening and updating of exposure.
40 “Baba Tonka” Str.
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